What is Barocard: How to Use Barocard?

The legal profession plays a fundamental role in the conduct of legal transactions. These professionals prepare legal documents, represent clients in courts, and provide legal advice. Today, there are many tools and services available to help lawyers conduct their work more efficiently. Among these, BaroKart, the Lawyer Identity Card that uses the Param infrastructure, is an important solution designed to facilitate the daily lives of lawyers in Turkey.

Lawyer Identity Card BaroKart is an important solution designed to facilitate the daily lives of lawyers in Turkey. It helps lawyers carry out their work more efficiently by offering a number of advantages such as gate pass, parking payment, payment in social facilities and payment in lawyers’ chambers. Additionally, it offers flexibility to its users by collaborating with various banks.

Lawyer Identity Card BaroKart is a special identity card that offers many advantages that help lawyers in Turkey carry out their work more efficiently. Thanks to features such as door pass, parking payment, payment in social facilities and payment facilities in lawyers’ chambers, lawyers can handle their daily work more comfortably and efficiently. Additionally, they may be in an advantageous position financially, thanks to discounts and privileges in various sectors.

How to Upload Money to Barokart?

How to Load Money to Barokart?  Barocard which bank?Adding money to your card is also a very simple process and provides you with great convenience. Here are the steps on how to upload money to BaroKart:

Barokart money loading steps:

Loading via Bank, Prepaid and Credit Card

One of the most common methods of loading money into BaroKart is to use a debit, prepaid or credit card.

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Wire Transfer/EFT

Another option to load money to BaroKart is to make a transaction via money order or EFT. You can perform this transaction using BaroKart’s bank account information.

Loading from ATMs

Another practical method is to load money into BaroKart from ATMs.

You can also benefit from UYAP support loan for UYAP payments. When you want to meet your cash needs for UYAP fee and expense payments, BaroKart offers you a special solution.

Adding money to your BaroKart helps you carry out your legal work faster and more securely. By following these steps, you can add money to your card whenever you want and continue your transactions without interruption. UYAP support loan is a financing solution offered exclusively to BaroKart holders. This loan service helps you obtain the cash required for UYAP payments quickly and under favorable conditions.

You can perform transactions faster and easier by downloading the mobile application.
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Which Bank is BaroKart?

BaroKart is not a bank, but a private card solution operating using the Param infrastructure. This special card is a service offered to members of the legal profession or other bar associations. Its aim is to make lawyers’ daily lives easier and help them manage their work more efficiently. Thanks to the advantage of using the Param infrastructure, BaroKart can also be used instead of an ID card for lawyers and allows them to instantly withdraw cash using their cards at hundreds of member businesses.

What Can Be Done with Barocard?

Advantageous Shopping from Contracted Member Businesses

BaroKart users can benefit from special campaigns and opportunities from Param member businesses. Advantages are constantly increasing with brand collaborations.

Contracted brands offer you extra advantages with the campaigns they organize. You can save money by following campaigns held on special days or during certain periods. Thus, you can earn cash back as you spend at member businesses with BaroKart.

Payments made with BaroKart are fast and secure. You can complete your purchases without using a credit card.

BaroKart allows you to benefit from these advantages that make your shopping more enjoyable. BaroKart, which uses the Param infrastructure to save money and take advantage of special offers while shopping at hundreds of contracted member businesses, is an excellent option.

Ease of Collection

BaroKart, which facilitates the work of lawyers and increases efficiency, is a smart card system used as a pre-loaded payment tool. Thanks to this card, you can perform a number of services quickly and easily by connecting to the UYAP Lawyer Portal from anywhere you have an internet connection, without going to the courthouse.

By connecting to UYAP Portal;

  • You can file a lawsuit: BaroKart makes filing a lawsuit easier for lawyers. You can file a lawsuit online without going to the courthouse. This saves time and allows you to run your business more efficiently.
  • You Can Pay the File Expenses: You can pay all kinds of file expenses with BaroKart. This speeds up file processing and makes financial transactions easier.
  • You can make an inquiry: Thanks to BaroKart, you can make various inquiries online. You can easily access court records, case statuses and similar information.

Collection System Special for Lawyers: E-Collection Application

Thanks to the e-collection application special for lawyers, you can collect enforcement debts from your debtors or file expenses from your clients by credit card and in installments. This easy-to-use application can be downloaded from Google Play or AppStore and used at no additional cost. Additionally, you can perform your transactions quickly without needing technical infrastructure.

E-Collection application helps lawyers manage their financial transactions more easily and securely. The fact that it can be used without the need for technical infrastructure ensures accessibility for users at all levels.

Is there an E-Collection Membership Fee?

There is no membership fee for lawyers who have a BaroKart to register to the E-Collection system and use it annually. This service is offered free of charge.

I Don’t Have a Website Can I Use It?

You do not need a website to use this collection system. There is an infrastructure specially designed for lawyers who do not have a website. This infrastructure offers lawyers the opportunity to make collections with their own names and logos. It allows you to carry out collection transactions in an easier and more accessible way, especially by eliminating the need for a website. This service is offered free of charge via the Param infrastructure.

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