Param, Turkey’s Most Valuable FinTech, Acquired Univera and Univis

Param further strengthens its leading position in the industry

Param, Turkey’s most valuable fintech, acquired Univera and Univis.

Param, the leader of the fintech industry, continues its growth journey. By acquiring Univera, the architect of innovative software solutions, and its subsidiary Univis, Param will expand its ecosystem with its different solutions in the field of financial technology. In the new period, brand new cooperation opportunities will arise between Finrota and Kredim brands within Param and Univera. In this way, while providing end-to-end solutions to the needs of companies, this process will increase and strengthen the talents and expertise under Param’s roof.

By acquiring Univera and its subsidiary Univis, Param will increase its financial inclusion with the synergy arising from the contributions of the two companies. While Univera’s wide product range meets Param’s financial technology, Univera’s; Param’s payment systems will also be integrated into the flows between customers such as distributors, dealers and sub-dealers. In addition, an integrated financial infrastructure with Kredim’s capabilities will be offered. Univera will also support Param’s European expansion with its customer and product portfolio. While Kredim, a subsidiary of Param, which introduced the “Buy Now, Pay Later” model, which is rapidly growing and has become a major trend in the world, to Turkey, will provide cash solutions to the dealer network in Univera, Finrota will add value with its online collection and open banking expertise. Additionally, with the participation of human resources talents at Univera, Param will have a stronger team in the field of technology..

Offers innovative solutions with 30 years of knowledge

Univera, which acts with the mission of developing software that allows brands to manage their Sales, Service and Logistics processes on a single platform, and providing all the services needed for the complete digitalization of these processes, is the leading brand in its sector with its 30 years of knowledge. With its prevalence in more than 270 thousand points, it is among the most important companies of Turkey and one of the 500 largest service exporters. Univera for different sector needs; It ensures that business processes are carried out quickly and with minimum errors with its own software on subjects such as Multi-Channel Sales Management, Business Partner Management, Mobile Team Management, Warehouse and Production Management, Field Data Collection, Supply Management, and projects in many countries of the world, in addition to its activities in Turkey. is carrying out. Univis started its activities in the fields of OT/VT and IoT today; It continues to provide software, hardware, support and project services in sales, service and logistics.

Param Founder and CEO Emin Can Yılmaz: “We continue our leading position in the sector”

Sharing his views on Param’s acquisition of Univera and Univis, Param Founder and CEO Emin Can Yılmaz said, “With our vision of ‘Easier life for everyone, everywhere with financial technologies’, we continue our leading position in the sector while providing solutions to our corporate and individual users. In 2022; We have become the most valuable fintech in the sector by receiving investments at a valuation of 217 million dollars from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), CEECAT Capital, Alpha Associates and Revo Capital. Our number of users reached 5 million in 2022, our number of cards reached 7 million, and the amount of spending with Param reached 9.2 billion TL. As we leave the first quarter of 2023 behind with growth records in our fields of activity, we are moving forward by achieving significant successes throughout the rest of the year.

The transaction volume of Turkey’s leading virtual POS solution ParamPOS in May exceeded 10 billion TL, an increase of 34 percent compared to April. With this increase at a record level; While we achieved a growth rate of 380 percent compared to the same period last year, we also increased our total market share to over 30 percent. With the advanced technologies we have implemented in the financial field, we have a presence by making investments in the European countries we target, as well as in Turkey. In line with our growth journey, we acquired Univera and its subsidiary Univis, which develop innovative software solutions. We believe that Param and Univera will achieve a significant synergy and compete more effectively with other strong players of the sector in both national and international markets.

Univera will be able to provide end-to-end economical and integrated services to its customers by taking advantage of financial technologies, which is Param’s area of ​​expertise. We will create innovations that make a difference by developing products and services within the framework of our technology power, expert team and R&D know-how. By introducing Param’s embedded finance solutions to strong industry players contributing to Turkey’s economy, we will further expand the trade volume already created with easier collection management, alternative income sources, and higher order capture opportunities. My money; “It will continue to invest and contribute to the economy and employment.”

Speaking about Univera coming under the umbrella of Param Group, Univera General Manager Merthan Kaleli; He stated that with the merger, they will be able to compete more effectively in both national and international markets. Univera; He emphasized that it will provide financial credit and payment advantages by combining the end-to-end integrated sales, service and logistics digital transformation services it provides to its customers with financial technologies, which is Param’s area of ​​expertise. Emphasizing that they are the industry leader in sales and logistics software in the FMCG sector, Merthan Kaleli invited all their customers, business partners and employees to be a partner in this exciting development that will carry the Univera and Univis brands stronger into the future.

About Univera

Univera, one of Turkey’s top 500 service exporting companies, offers digital transformation solutions to companies in sales, service and logistics with its 30 years of knowledge and experience. Univera, which is among the top 5 software companies in the world in its field for 4 consecutive years in the POI Retail Execution report published by the Promotion Optimization Institute, serves its customers nationally and internationally with nearly 200 employees.

About Univis

Univis was founded in 2014 to develop Automatic Identification / Data Collection (OT / VT) and IoT solutions and to produce support services for the IT sector. It offers Information Technology Solutions to many sectors with an innovative approach. Univis; It supports companies in their progress using current technologies through hardware sales, technical service and IT support services.

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