Param Brings Its Users Together with FAST

Param, Turkey’s leading fintech company, has obtained the FAST license, which includes electronic money institutions. FAST and Easy Addressing services, which until now have only been available to banks, meet users with Param’s technology and assurance.

Integrated finance provider Param received its certification for FAST, which is a new addition to electronic money institutions. In this way, users can now perform FAST transactions, which enable 24/7 money transfer, with Param infrastructure, technology and assurance.

With Param’s mobile infrastructure, FAST, Easy Addressing and FAST IBAN advantages are offered to users. A maximum of 50 thousand TL transactions can be made with FAST at a time. For this reason, Param users also have a FAST IBAN. Users who personalize their cards can benefit from this feature.

You can earn up to 30% cash back in the world of ParamKart advantages.Possibility of money transfer without IBAN with personal information

Users who transfer money faster by connecting “Easy Address (KOLAS)” to FAST IBAN can send and receive money to anyone they want via phone number or e-mail.

Stating that Param acts with the vision of making life easier for everyone, everywhere, with financial technologies. Param Founder and CEO Emin Can Yılmaz, “We continue to add new values ​​to our customers, our industry and our economy by constantly strengthening our technological infrastructure. In this context, we are happy to be one of the first to implement the FAST system, which includes electronic money institutions. With this development that accelerates Param’s speed, our users will now be able to benefit from FAST and Easy Addressing (KOLAS) features. “Under the Param ecosystem, we will continue our work to make all financial products and services more accessible and useful for our users,” he said.

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