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Integrated Finance Concept and Money

To our language; The concept of ’embedded finance’, which can be translated as integrated finance, means offering financial services to users by incorporating them into non-financial products and services such as e-commerce and logistics. This concept, which enables financial services to be integrated directly into websites, mobile applications or other digital platforms, brings major changes … Read more

Param, Turkey’s Most Valuable FinTech, Acquired Univera and Univis

Param further strengthens its leading position in the industry Param, Turkey’s most valuable fintech, acquired Univera and Univis. Param, the leader of the fintech industry, continues its growth journey. By acquiring Univera, the architect of innovative software solutions, and its subsidiary Univis, Param will expand its ecosystem with its different solutions in the field of … Read more

Param Hak Card Launched

We announced our business partnership with the Hizmet-İş Union, one of the largest labor unions in Turkey, at the meeting held in Ankara with the participation of our General Manager Serkan Aziz Oral. Service-Work Union members will be able to benefit from cash refunds on their purchases with Param Hak Card and union-specific discounts on … Read more

FinTech Leader Param Broke a Growth Record in the Second Quarter of the Year

Fintech leader Param announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2023. In the second quarter of the year, the number of transactions made with ParamKart increased by approximately 1,880 percent and the transaction amount by 2,668 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. ParamPOS’s transaction volume increased by 303 percent … Read more

Çiçeksepeti Preferred Param for Its Payment Infrastructure!

The founder of the celebration habit, who brings smiles to the faces of more than 40 million people every year with the vision of becoming the largest Turkish gift company in the world. Çiçeksepeti / Mizubegins using Param’s payment infrastructure systems for secure payment systems and collection processes. Çiçeksepeti, which hosts many online stores and … Read more

Ready-made Virtual POS Systems: Ready-made POS with Low Commission

Ready-made Virtual POS is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a fast and secure way to process payments. With Ready-made Virtual POS, businesses can accept payments from customers securely and efficiently. The rapidly growing e-commerce sector in recent years has increased the need for Ready-made Virtual POS systems so that businesses can receive payments … Read more

Param Agreed to Acquire Paycore and All of Its Subsidiaries

Param, Turkey’s Largest and Most Valuable Fintech Enterprise, agreed to acquire Paycore, the Flagship of Payment Systems, and its subsidiaries and to initiate legal processes, including the approval process for share transfers, before the relevant authority. Paycore, which provides technology infrastructure and financial software solutions to more than 250 banks, financial institutions, telecom operators and … Read more