Ready-made Virtual POS Systems: Ready-made POS with Low Commission

Ready-made Virtual POS is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a fast and secure way to process payments. With Ready-made Virtual POS, businesses can accept payments from customers securely and efficiently.

The rapidly growing e-commerce sector in recent years has increased the need for Ready-made Virtual POS systems so that businesses can receive payments to their customers more quickly and securely. It is much easier and faster to install than traditional POS devices. Online payment providers make it easier for customers to process payments. It also provides businesses with a secure payment infrastructure.

With the rise of e-commerce, individual virtual POS systems continue to remain popular. A virtual POS system makes it possible to accept payments without a physical cash register. Individual virtual POS brings flexibility, low cost and ever-increasing efficiency to businesses.

Advantages of Ready-made Virtual POS systems

  1. Easy setup: ParamPOS has easy setup and a short learning curve.
  2. Low cost: Param Virtual POS offers a low-cost service. It also does not require any special system development costs.
  3. Current functions: Supports the most up-to-date payment methods and security features.
  4. Support and customer service: ParamPOS has professional customer service. Param is with its users at all times.

Ready-made Virtual POS systems have become a very economical payment method for businesses. Especially new enterprises prefer Ready-made Virtual POS systems due to their low commission rates. At this point, Param Virtual POS allows you to receive payments from all banks with 23 bank integration. Moreover, your collections will be available on your Param Business Card the next day with a commission rate of 1.29%. In this way, businesses can receive payments both economically and securely.

Get Payments from Anywhere with ParamPOS!

One of the most important ways to expand your business and attract new customers is to receive payments through secure infrastructure solutions. You can provide a convenient payment method to your customers with ParamPOS, which is the solution partner of many brands with its secure infrastructure.

With this method, you can accept payments from all over the world and have detailed reporting. You can use the Param Virtual POS infrastructure quickly and easily without complex integrations.

Receive Payments from All Banks with ParamPOS

You do not need to apply to separate banks and follow the processes. In this way, businesses can easily adapt to their customers’ preferred payment methods. Being able to receive payments from all banks with Ready-made Virtual POS provides great convenience for businesses and speeds up customer payment transactions.

By applying to ParamPOS today, you can start receiving payments within 24 hours. You can receive your payments quickly and securely with our virtual POS product, which is available from many banks.

Ready POS System Setup

Installation of a ready-made Virtual POS system is quite easy and can be completed in just a few steps. Business owners can obtain the necessary documents by contacting ParamPOS, which offers virtual POS service. After obtaining these documents, the Ready POS system installation is carried out quickly and integrated into the business’s website.

SSL Requirement for Virtual POS

You must have an SSL certificate for virtual POS integration. SSL certificates ensure that data on a website is encrypted and transmitted securely to the other party. By encrypting customers’ payment information, it prevents malicious people from accessing this information. For example, when the customer enters his personal information and credit cards and payment approval is given, this information is encrypted with SSL and transmitted to the bank. Thanks to this process, third parties cannot access this data.

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